Meet Reuben - the first baby to live at the James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village in Haiti.  “When we learned of the hardship endured by widows in Haiti and the plight of infants orphaned or abandoned at already-struggling hospitals, we were inspired to add a village that would serve the needs of both groups,” said Ken DeYoung, GCN

changed lives...

Center of Help Orphan Sponsorship, Haiti

Transform an orphan's life by providing housing, food, and education.

Hidden Creeks Bible
Camp, Peru

The Safe T Home® will be turned into a multipurpose facility that includes an agricultural research center & a bible camp.

Child Sponsorship, India

For only $50 a month, you have the opportunity to sponsor a needy child.

James 1:27 Widows and Infants Village, Haiti

The Safe T Home® is connecting neglected widows & abandoned babies.

Global Compassion Network is a group of compassionate people committed to disaster relief both internationally and domestically.

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Rescue 26 Orphan Boys Haiti

Help Global Compassion Network turn the Safe T Home® into an orphanage for 26 boys who've suffered abuse and neglect.

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