LATEST: Haiti Water Project

Build a Well


The rainy season just ended in Haiti, but it did not bring any rain, causing a water crisis in Haiti. Wells are drying up, forcing women and children to walk even further for clean water. GoServ Global is raising funds to build wells in strategic places around Les Cayes that will serve entire communities. $2,500 covers 1 well & pump. Any amount will help … $25, $500, $1,000. Won't you help bring clean water to Haiti?


Eddy and Djoune Constant: Founders of Consolation Center, orphanage for girls - Haiti.

The Consolation Center is the vision of Eddy and Djoune Constant. The main focus is an orphanage for girls. Today we have 60 girls with room for more. Their heart is to care for the physical and spiritual needs, teach them a different way of thinking and integrate them back into the country to change Haiti from within.




GoServ Global has several projects in Les Cayes, Haiti

Sponsor a child
like Marc at
Joshua House Orphanage.

Transform a Life ...
only $167/month
or $2,000 a year.


“We asked the children in Haiti if they felt like they were rich. They all raised their hands. They didn’t mean rich in material things. They didn’t understand that. But they were all so rich in the spirit. When they sang, they praised God.”
– Deb Schmidt, Ambassador


Joshua House Orphanage: 30 Boys

Because of your support, GoServ Global is providing 30 boys a home after their orphanage was shut down by Haiti Human Service because of abuse and neglect. Thanks to generous donations, we have provided a home for these boys, but full sponsorships for 19 more boys are still needed! Transform a child TODAY!

Centre de Vie Church Rebuilt, Downtown Les Cayes

The Centre de Vie Church, led by Pastor Rivenson Dige, held its first service in the newly-renovated church July 2015 in downtown Les Cayes, Haiti with close to 400 people attending! This church will be a light in a very dark place where voodoo is so prevalent.

James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village

Rescuing abandoned babies and homeless widows who live together in a community of Safe T Homes®.

Center of Help Orphanage

GoServ Global connects sponsors with nearly 40 children who provide for their basic needs like housing and education. More than 20 sponsors are still needed!

Centre Educatif Le Reconfort School

Nearly 400 students including the girls at the Consolation Center and the boys at Joshua House are educated by 13 teachers at the school. Sponsors are needed for the teachers ($1,350/year/teacher).


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